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kissing, hugging, loving, smiling, laughing

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Q: What are some words to describe love that end with ing?
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What are some words that describe hate that end in ing?


What are some words end with the suffix scribe?

Some words that end with the suffix "scribe" are describe, prescribe, transcribe, and inscribe.

What are some worlds that describe AIDS?

Words that describe AIDS are chronic, end-stage, and worldwide. Words that describe HIV are retroviral, sexually transmitted, and asymptomatic.

Some love words that are 2 syllables that end in ing?

Some two syllable words that describe love are fondness, passion, worship, and adore. You can look up some more words on thesaurus.

What are some words that end in ing and describe leaves?

Rustling, shimmering, dying, dancing, and lying.

What are some words that end in 'ing' that describe crystals?

Glistening, sparkling, shining, enchanting, etc.

What are words ending with sound of v?

Some words that end with a sound similar to "v" are: love, above, dove, and of.

What are some words that start wih sh and end with ing that describe sun?

Shining, sharing, shocking, sheltering.

Words that describe quiet and end with ing?


What are some words used to describe scrooge?

Nouns are not describing words. Adjectives are the words that describe nouns. Some adjectives to describe Ebenezer Scrooge are:At the beginning of the story...1. Cold2. Mean-hearted3. SelfishAt the end of the story...1. Giving2. Lighthearted3. Joyful

What words end in ''ing'' and describe death?

Here are some possibilities: Dying, Expiring, Perishing, Departing, Passing

What are some words that end in -ing that describe sunny weather?

Shining, glowing, beaming, shimmering.