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· kangaroo

· kennel

· kerchief

· ketchup

· kettle

· key

· keyboard

· kid

· kitchen

· kite

· kitten

· knee

· knife

· knight

· knot

· knowledge

· koala

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Q: What are some words that start with k for 7Th grade?
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What grade does middle school start in Virginia?

Usualy 7th grade.

What is after the grade of 6th?

The grade after 6th grade is 7th. In some counties, 7th grade is their 2nd year in middle school. In others, its their 1st.

When do children start boarding school?

From 7th-12th grade

Are there any science words that start the letter L for the 7th grade?

In the area of human anatomy, there's the lymbic system, ligaments, liver and larynx.

What is the easiest grade to get a girlfriend?

I think the most easy grade to get a girlfriend in is 7th grade. Mainly because that's when boys start to become men. Not comepletely, but just the start. Boys are not as shy, so the best grades would be 7th-9th grade, this is because girls start to actually say yes to boys when they ask them out.

At what year leaving do we start learning algebra?

I'm in 7th grade And I started algebra in 6th grade. Is that what your looking for??

What day does school start for the year 2008 in Ontario?

Most high schools start at 7th grade and ends at 12th grade.

What grade is a senior in?

When you start to be a teenage is when its 8th grade until high school is over but sometimes it can start in 7th grade. But that's when you get 13, when most people start being a teenager. But really what a teenager is, is when you start maturing and not being a kid anymore.

How many words should a 7th grade essay have?

It should have at least 1000 to get an A.

What do guys like in girls in grade 7?

I personally think that 7th grade is to young to start like dating and stuff like that.

What grade is more annoying 6th or 7th grade?

7th grade

How many words per minute should a 7th grade student read?