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  • octagon
  • octane
  • octave
  • octet
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Q: What are some words that begin with the oct prefix?
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What is a prefix meaning 8?

Oct- is the prefix meaning eight. One of the most common words for this is octagon.

How many words begin with oct meaning 8?


What is the prefixes of oct bi?

Oct is the prefix for eight. Bi is the prefix for two.

Which prefix means 4?

Prefixes meaning 4 are quad (Latin) and tetra (Greek).

What are some words starting with the prefix oct?


How long is a octennium?

8 yearsBecause of the prefix "oct-"; oct- means 8.

What is the origan for the prefix oct?

Octo - the Greek word for "eight".

What was you clue for knowing the number of lines in an octet?

The prefix oct- means eight.

What is your clue for knowing the number of lines in an octel?

The prefix "oct-" means 8.

When did the Battle of Kings Mountain begin?

Oct. 7

What are words that start with oct and mean 8?

Octopus,octagon,octopi, octet, octuplets.The prefix oct- means 8, octopi have 8 legs, october used to be the 8th month of the year, octagons have 8 sides, ect.

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