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When you throw it it will sometimes make a baby chicken.

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Q: What are some uses for eggs in minecraft?
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How do you find Easter eggs on Minecraft?

Easter eggs do not exist in normal Minecraft, only as part of a mod

What Minecraft update does it have spawn eggs?

Minecraft originally came out with spawn eggs in a pre-release - 11w49a. The update was for Minecraft 1.1, in case you are looking for an actual Minecraft update release.

Does minecraft PC have dinosaur spawn eggs?

No, currently in vanilla Minecraft dinosaurs are not in the game. This means there are no spawn eggs for them.

When is there going to be eggs in Minecraft?

Not sure if you been playing the latest version of minecraft but for along as i have been playing (since alpha) there has always been eggs in minecraft.

How do you craft spawn eggs in minecraft?

You can't. They can only be spawned in by a player in creative mode. (Although some mods do add crafting recipes for spawn eggs)

Can you hach dagon eggs in minecraft?

You can only hatch dragon eggs with a mod.

What website does Tobygames play Minecraft on?

He bought Minecraft and uses the application

How do you get dragon eggs in minecraft?

Kill the enderdragon.

How do you hatch chickens in minecraft?

Use eggs.

How do you get spawn eggs in Minecraft PS3 on survival?

To get eggs that spawn animals in Minecraft PE on Survival Mode pawn use the command /give.

Where do you find chicken eggs on minecraft?

chickens lay eggs so if u find a place with alot of chickens you will probarbly find some if u look hard

How do you make a mod in minecraft?

You need to programme them in. Minecraft uses OpenGL and some Java, so you would need to learn those languages in order to make a mod.