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cake mix


Chex mix

playing cards

music at a party

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Q: What are some things that you mix up?
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What does it mean to mix up or twist up?

To mix or twist up is to shuffle things up, to randomly combine things. If someone is mixed up, they are confused.

What are some good things to mix in with brownies?

nuts or chocolate chips are the best!

What are some things to bring or buy for long car rides?

Trail mix and water

When you makee a compost heap do you have to mix everything together?

It's a good idea to stir things up every week. It will help get things moving in the decomposition, and air it out a bit. If the compost is too wet, add some dry leafs.

Is it safe to mix alcohol with soda?

Of course it is. you should look up some alcohol mix recipes. most of them contain soda.

How do you cook a mix in urbz sims in the city?

Get cooking items, then buy a mixer (theres 2 types) then mix things up by following a recipe or trying your luck. Then go to an oven and bake the mix. If your lucky you get somthing good!

When was Mix It Up created?

Mix It Up was created in 2001.

In spineworld can you mix things in zorof's machine without having a pet?

Yes, you don't need a pet to mix things~ :D

What are some good electro songs?

DJ BL3ND's songs he's got some pretty sick beat's in his songs. look up DJ BL3ND sexy mix or trippy mix.

How do you make homemade ginger ale?

buy ginger and crush it up and put some Sprite in and mix it all up.

Can you mix heroin with prescription drugs?

Yes but i don't think you should mix them up.. crush up some xanax or vikodin pills and role them up in a blunt and drink a beer with it and you will be good for a real long time trust me

When was A Merry Mix Up created?

A Merry Mix Up was created in 1957.