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* rug * rocking chair * reading material

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Q: What are some things in the living room that start with the letters R and Z?
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What are things in the living room that start with Z?

zippers on the sofa cushions

Things in living rooms that start with k?

I really don't think is anything in a living room that starts with the letter K... maybe that's just me.

How was the life back then?

Back then the they didn't have the same things we have today like computers, or kitchen or, phones back then they had letters, one rooms for a kitchen a bedroom, and a living room all in the same room.

What are some things in the living room that begin with the letter F?

Furniture is in the living room. It begins with the letter f.

How do you avoid an accident in the living room?

put things away!

How do you avoid accidents in the living room?

put things away!

What is the Difference between a living room and sitting room?

A sitting room has a table with comfortable chairs and a living room has a couch and comfy chairs. A living room probably has decorative things, maybe a piano. A sitting room can be a place for anyone to sit down more like a family room. A living room is usually one of your nicer rooms in your house.

What are some things in a living room that begins with letter m?


Why is a living room called a living room?

A living room is called a living room because it is a living room, and we spend lot of time in the living room.

Things that start with the letter n in a mens room?


When you start to learn to cook you are going to make a mini restaurant in your living room but what should the living room -where the guests eat- look like should you decorate it?

You should hire an interior designer who will design the room for you.

What is the name for a living room in a traditional Japanese house?

Living room in Japanese is commonly expressed as an i-ma or living space. Large traditional houses sometimes only have one living room and can function as a dining room, study room, or even a bed room. This is important to know because Japanese furniture is portable and when not used can be stored in an oshiire, a small part of the house that is used for storage.