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you can do make overs and if you have a nice brother or dad you can put makeup on them to....

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Q: What are some really fun things to do at a sweet 16 sleepover party?
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How do you get your parents to say yes to a sleepover?

sweet talk them and sound mature!

Ideas for a sweet 16 party..sleepover.. my birthday is in decmber any activitys we can do?

You could find the closest hill and go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, or do anything you could do on a regular day.

What should you have for a sweet 16 party?

Well I'm not 16 yet but this is what I would have for my dream sweet 16. If you have like a really big backyard, have it there or if you don't, you should rent a really big party room and glam it up with a lot of things that you like. You should this really long table with desserts and a chocolate fountain. Have some strawberries or something next to it and I suggest inviting at least 10 friends. For the cake, the size matters for how many people you invite. I suggest chocolate.

What can you do for your sweet sixteen party?

For a sweet sixteen party, it is important to hold the party at a children's park and invite her friends.

What is the food substance the makes things taste sweet?

Nothing really makes it taste sweet. It's your taste buds that determines that. So really nothing makes thing sweet. That's just how food is.

How do you ask your dad if you can have a sleepover?

Say "Can I have a sleepover, dad?"- i have a differant opinion lol be good , do all your chores , plan it first , then ask i again have a different opinion it goes like this: plan what food and drink etc u will need. be really really good , do all your jobs , chores etc get Ur friends phone numbers and addresses then ask in a really sweet but mature voice then party (well sleepover lol) hope this helps!!!!!!!!!! ====== Tell him you would like to have one and ask what it would take to get him to agree to it. Negotiate - offer things like "if get at least a B in every class, can I have one?" or "If I only have Sarah, Suzy, and Stephanie over, can I have one?" or "If we all go to sleep by midnight, can I have one". Let him set the terms. If he says "only girls your age" - agree and plan it that way. If he says "only on a Friday night" - agree and plan it that way. If he says "only if your mother and me are both home" - agree and plan it that way. Above all - show him you can be trusted by the way you conduct yourself every day.

Do you have any ideas for a 16th birthday party?

Here are a ton of sweet 16 birthday ideas that are cheap as well as fun. You can do most of the things listed here at home, instead of going out and purchasing it.

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When was Sweet Things - album - created?

Sweet Things - album - was created in 1997.

Is shugie really sweet?

Yes she as sweet as it gets.

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well, be a really good and obedient person and talk to people and tell them about your girlfriend and say things like that your girlfriend is really nice and sweet.

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