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· The Absent-Minded Professor

· The Adventures of Robin Hood

· The African Queen

· The Aristocats

· The Artist

· The Bad News Bears Breaking Training

· The Birds

· The Blues Brothers

· The Buddy Holly Story

· The Departed

· The English Patient

· The High And The Mighty

· The Hurt Locker

· The Hustler

· The Incredible Hulk

· The Incredibles

· The Jazz Singer

· The Jungle Book

· The Karate Kid

· The King & I

· The King's Speech

· The Last Emperor

· The Lion King

· The Madness of King George

· The Magic Flute

· The Major and the Minor

· The Maltese Falcon

· The Man in the Iron Mask

· The Man Who Came To Dinner

· The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

· The Man Who Wasn't There

· The Man With The Golden Arm

· The Manchurian Candidate

· The Many Adventures of Winnie the pooh

· The Mask

· The Marriage of Maria Braun

· The Marrying Kind

· The Mask of Zorro

· The Match Factory Girl

· The Memory of Justice

· The Men

· The Mighty Ducks

· The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

· The Miracle Worker

· The Misfits

· The More the Merrier

· The Mortal Storm

· The Mouthpiece

· The Muppet Movie

· The Natural

· The Notebook

· The Nutty Professor

· The Odd Couple

· The Pelican Brief

· The Philadelphia Story

· The Pianist

· The Pink Panther

· The Polar Express

· The Right Stuff

· The Runaway Jury

· The Seven Year Itch

· The Silence of the Lambs

· The Sound of Music

· The Untouchables

· The Usual Suspects

· The Verdict

· The Wages of Fear

· The War Games

· The War of the Roses

· The Way We Were

· The Wild Bunch

· The Wizard Of Oz

· The World of Henry Orient

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Q: What are some movies beginning with the?
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Yes it is, do you read the Warnings at the beginning of movies?

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