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well when i was wondering that i typed in a random site called and all you have to do is put your username and password in the blanks and after you do that it will instley put 100,000 coins on your account but thing thing that sucks is that you can only do it once because it says wait twenty four hours before you can do it again. LOL :) PS it really works

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Q: What are some money cheats for Club Penguin?
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What are some Club Penguin money cheats?

You are not allowed to hack (cheat) on Club Penguin.

Cheats on Club penguin on the internet?

If you go on google and type in club penguin cheats it will come up with loads of cheats on club penguin but rememmber that some websites cheats are wrong and some times if you get it wrong you will be deleted off club penguin

How do you get to a Club Penguin cheats page?

in your search engine type 'Club penguin cheats' and you can choose out of some club penguin cheat pages

What are some good cheats for the site Club Penguin?

See the related link below for some Club Penguin cheats.

Club Penguin mission answers?

Which mission...? Some are easy. Some are HARD! you cant do cheats on but google club penguin mission cheats

What are some secrets on Club Penguin?

Well, since there is so many secrets and cheats, I'll just give you a website for Club Penguin Cheats...Just type in 'Club Penguin Cheats' and then a long list of websites for Club Penguin cheats and secrets should show, if you have Internet.Hope this Helps!-67lily1 ;)

Where is a great sight to get some cheats for club penguin?

the best cheats is

Are there cheats in Club Penguin?

there used to be, club penguin has fixed some problems and i guess there arent any more...

What are some cheats for Club Penguin on the CP?

download penguin storm 9.1 its the greatest it has a money maker and everything get it at not com the web site is a beast

Why is there Club Penguin cheats?

because some people hate clubpenguin.

What are some money cheats on club penguin that wont get you banned?

All money cheats get you banned, but some don't get you banned instantly. For example, you could look up "penguin storm" on google. If you download that, you can have multiple cheats, including a money cheat. Of course, if you overuse storm then your penguin will end up being banned, which is why I recommend you don't use it if you will be banned forever. Of course, you can always get your penguin back by calling club penguin, unless you have been banned forever before. Here is the phone number, 1-250-868-8622.

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force cheats?

unfourtualy no, but here are some mission guides visit my site for other things about club penguin