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Martinez and Mendoza are Hispanic last names. They begin with the letter M.

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Q: What are some hispanic last names starting with M?
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What are some Hispanic last names that begin with the letter C?

Cruz is a common Hispanic last name.

Why do news anchor men or women have hispanic last names?

News anchor men or women may have Hispanic last names for a variety of reasons. It could be because they have Hispanic heritage or background, or they may have married someone with a Hispanic last name. In some cases, news organizations may also prioritize diversity and representation in their on-air talent, which could include individuals with Hispanic last names.

What are some Hispanic last names that begin with O?

Ortiz, Orellana, Ordones, Orejel. As odd as it seems, O'Higgins!

What are some Italian last names starting with d?


What are some hispanic last names that start with A?

Female: Adriana, Alejandra, Ana, Andrea Male: Alfredo, Alejandro, Andrés,

What are some Spanish last names starting with L?

Lugo is one.

What are some Hispanic boy names?

Some hispanic boy names are Juan, Fernando, Enrique, Jose, Pablo, Salavdor, Andres, Adrian, Victor, Paco, and Luis. There are many more also that I have not listed.

What are some hispanic last names that start with m?

Martinez, Morales, Mendoza, Mendez, Moreno, Mesa, Medina, Mota, Machado, Maldonado, Maya, Manuel, Molina

What are some German last names starting with m?

Some German last names starting with "M": Müller (Mueller, Möller) = miller Meyer (Meier, Maier, Mayer) = dairyman Meier = dairyman Mayer (Meyer) = dairyman Möller (Moeller, Müller) = miller

What are some Lebanese last names starting with letter k?

Khoury, Karam, Krami, Kerbaj, Kheireddine,

What are some colonial last names for girls?

There aren't "last names for girls" and "last names for boys." Its just last names. For the first names there are names for different genders, but not for the last names. Some last names are: Zamora, Smith, Turner, Williams

What are some names of famous hispanic people?

Actresses Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba are famous Hispanic people. Mario Lopez and Sofia Vergara are also famous Hispanic people.