What are some good movie games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, King Kong, certain versions of Quantum of Solace, and The Simpsons.

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Q: What are some good movie games?
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Is the book 'hunger games' better then the movie?

Yes it is, because some parts of the story are not mentioned in the movie but all the basics are in the movie so the movie is good too.

Was the Hunger Games movie good?


Is The Hunger Games movie good?

Most fans would say that The Hunger Games movie was good. However, it is a matter of opinion. Everyone is different.

Is hunger games a good movie I have read the book and you want to see the movie?

Yes it is a good movie. Very emotional and violent

What are some good games for girls to play at a sleepover?

One game to play at a sleepover is movie trivia. You can also play the who am I game.

Is the Hunger Games a really good movie?

Yes. It is awesome.

Is The Hunger Games movie good and child appropriate?

Great movie, but appropriate for ages 13+

What are some good movie apps?

Flixter and Fandango are both good movie apps

Was The Hunger Games a good movie?

Yes, but in the beginning they handed out bow and arrows to all of the audience members and had them practice with large targets for entertainment. yes, but some parts of the book were not in the movie but we are not perfect.

Where can you download Hunger Games movie?

you can watch it on you tube ......... it is really good

When will Hunger Games the movie com out?

There have been rumors but so far there is no real information about the hunger games movie even though the books are so good.

Are movies good?

Some are good, some aren't so good and some are terrble that it should not be turn into a movie