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There are several great games, much better than spin the bottle or truth or dare. Here's a list:

Big O Bingo-instead of yelling bingo, you have to say Orgasm in your best orgasmic voice!

How you know your hostess: have each guest write the numbers one through six on a paper. For number one, have them write down their stripper name (the name of their first female pet, and the name of the first named street they lived name is Coco Sharon-Coco was my dog, and I lived on Sharon Cir.). The second answer is how they know their hostess, and it can be real or made up! The third answer is the first male celebrity they think of. The fourth one is any body part. The fifth one is any body part. The sixth answer is a phrase they are often heard saying (ie-Really? or "oh Well" or anything they normally say. Then you go around the room. The script goes like this, and I'll just use my answers to demo for you. Hi, what's your name? "Coco Sharon". And how do you know our hostess? "I saved her from working the streets". Our hostess won a trip to the Bahamas, and you get to bring your boyfriend...who is your current boyfriend? "Matt Damon". Nice! While relaxing in your hotel room, you put your "(body part)" on his "(body part)" and he says "(saying)". it is hysterical!

ABC Flashcards: have a set of ABC Flashcards. Shuffle them up. For each card, the first guest who yells a body part, article of clothing, or euphamism for sex gets that card. The lady with the most cards wins!

Hoe of the Show. Hand out dixie cups to everyone, and some pasta or marshmallows. have a list of 30 questions to ask and if the guest answers yes to a question, then she puts a piece of pasta or marshmallow in her cup. The questions are "have you ever had sex in a public place" type questions. The person with the most pieces in their cup is "the hoe of the show".


truth and dare would be most peoples opion but mine would be playing spin the bottle or twister

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Q: What are some games to play at pure romance parties?
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