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i was hoping to find something similar as well, but it seems no one has answered. I do have a couple suggestions that might strike your fancy.

- The logical Journey of the Zoombinis

This is a computer game that was made in 1996. You basically guide groups of 16 zoombinis through numorous puzzles that make you think. It starts out fairly easy but the more you play you begin to hate your life. the visual style in this game is amazing, and the puzzle are quite addicting, although very frustrating at times. There are 2 sequals to this game but they are terrible and look nothing like the original, so dont bother with those.

- Full throttle

Somewhat of a mystery game in which you play a biker solving a murder case in an alternate timeline where motorized vehicles are giving way to anti-gravitational hovercrafts. This one isnt meant for kids, so it is much more challenging than the other games. There is plenty to do in this classic DOS game and there are cinimatics in the game like in cluefinders.

hope that helped

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Q: What are some games like cluefinders?
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