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GO TO Then click on " COOKING GAMES"! (on the left) You should love these!

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Q: What are some games like Cooking Academy?
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What are some games like franks adventures that are not rude?

go to cooking games and then the second one on the list on google

What is an oil?

its like a substance that is thicker than water + its all err + maky i dont like it but some people muse it in cooking. + sexual games ;) its like a substance that is thicker than water + its all err + maky i dont like it but some people muse it in cooking. + sexual games ;)

What are food cooking games and where can I find some?

Food cooking games are games where the object of the game is to cook some food. This can be done in a number of ways, for example, baking, grilling or steaming.

What are some Wii games that have a cooking theme?

The Wii games that have a cooking theme are the Cooking Mama series that is played with multiple players. There is also Iron Chef America and Cake Mania.

What are some cool games you can download?

papas games like papas burgeria papas frezeria papas pizzaria papas wingeria papas pancakeria papas tocomia etc........................................ if u like cooking

What are some pastry schools in Ohio?

Some good pastry schools in the state of Ohio includes the Culinary Institute of America, Le Cordon Bleu cooking academy, and other smaller cooking schools and culinary academies.

What are some good virtual world games for an 11-12 year old girls?

Good games could be like Dress up games and virtual cooking games.These enhance the creativity of the child.

Are there any games like Poptropica or Totally Spies Academy?

Yes there is there,Facebook.DizzyWood,Maplestory,Toontown,And others out there but maybe i can give some more later Lol

What are some cooking games in pixie hollow?

There are no cooking games other than Dulcie's Bakery. There is, however, an event in Pixie Hollow which allows you to decorate a cake and make a soup, both with a badge as a reward. There is also the Garden Tea Party, though it doesn't consist of cooking. The tearoom has no cooking games, but you can pretend to be a chef or a waitress.

Can you use cooking academy recipes?

Hey Actually they display the simplest recipe and not the actual recipe. Some are kinda good but other can turn out to be something weird

Where can I find food cooking games online?

I have played some great cooking games on the Facebook website! They are challenging and addictive! There is two that I know of called Cafe World and Chef Ville! Have fun playing!!

What are some fun cooking games for girls?

try cooking mama and the waitress my friend said that they are good that is a good game so listen to this person