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Oman was the only one I could find

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Q: What are some foreign countries that start with O?
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Foreign chemists start the surname in letter o and s?

Please define "foreign from where" in your "to be edited" question.

Are there countries that start with o?

oceania and oman

What are some social studies terms that start with o?

· ocean · Organization of Petroleum Countries (OPEC) · ownership · ozone

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How many countries start with letter o?

Oman is the only country that begins with the letter O.

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What countries start with o and in what contintent?

Oman, which is included in the continent of Asia.

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Words that start with the letter 'o'?

Some words that start with the letter O are:oceanOddOdeofoffOfficeogreoldOliveOnoneOpalOppositeorOrangeorboreganoorganismorgasmorigamiotherotteroughtOxymoronoval

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