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Take a look at the website called "Planet minecraft", there are thousands of Minecraft resources you can browse and download

If you have ever heard of the syndicate project, he has a pretty good world. Just search the Minecraft project and go to one of the episodes that is a multiple of ten.

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Q: What are some cool Minecraft world downloads?
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What are some really cool pvp and building servers in minecraft?

A really cool server for minecraft is

What is some cool seeds for Minecraft?

Look up Minecraft Seed spotlights on YouTube.

What are some really cool games that you can do anything on?


What are cool Minecraft seeds?

There are some they are George Carlin, wierdestseedever, and OH WOW.

Are there any cool minecraft maps?

Just Yahoo/Google "Minecraft maps", go to the minecraft forums or go to Youtube and look at some of the videos. They some times put a link to the map in the description of the video for you to download.

How do you make a Minecraft Costume?

Check out MinecraftCostumes , they have some cool costumes and awesome accessories too.

Where can one find free minecraft software?

Free Minecraft software is available many places such as CNET downloads, or Sourceforge, and, of course, the Minecraft site itself. For even more sources you might want to check one of the many Minecraft forums.

How much do minecraft maps cost?

On most websites, Minecraft maps are free. Some websites might charge you for downloads, so be sure to review all information given by the site, and if you're still unsure you can contact an administrator.

What are some cool games in Disney World?

Some cool games in Disney are idk they all are kind of boring

How do you reinstall Minecraft?

Since Minecraft is not installed on the computer, you can simply just delete the Minecraft.exe file and the .minecraft folder. The Minecraft.exe file is most likely in your list of downloads unless you moved it. The .minecraft folder can be found by typing in "Run" in the search bar on the start menu and then writing "%appdata". Then you'll get some folders, one named .minecraft. But you might want to do a backup of your saved games before deleting Minecraft from your computer. The save files can be found in the .minecraft folder. Just copy them somewhere and paste them there again once you have reinstalled Minecraft.

Are downloads free?

"Some are not some are."

Does all downloads cost money?

No all downloads doesn't cot money because some downloads are free.