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These are not cheats but these glitches

Music less title, first pick characters. Then go to the stage selection. But don't pick a stage, instead do the level skip glitch and it will pick the first stage. The exit the stage and no music should occur.

No player one: first pick P2, P3, and P4 as CPU's then do the stage skip glitch. Then pick any stage and then you wont be there and the stage will drop but come up and say CPU player, defeated, because its like YOU where a CPU! Also when the stage is over it will show the results as normal BUT P1's score will be 0 and no picture will be identified!

Last one: no players, first you have to go to melee then you pick no players and then do the skip level glitch (this skip level glitch is the creator of them!) then choose any stage then it will start up normal til the stage drops it'll keep dropping til you exit. then ether it will say P1 P2 P3 P4 0 points or take you back to the char. selection (I hadn't full seen this glitch, I did this in traning... -_-)

Hope you enjoy these glitches and you can show these on YouTube if you get them to work. But say someone discovered there glitches, thanks bye!!!)

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Q: What are some cheats for Super Smash Flash?
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