What are some bad things about PS3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The worse thing about the PS3 is the addition expenses of any of the video game systems once you have purchased them. For the PS3 you will want to be able to go online and need a good internet service and might have to purchase an internet router (either one that is wireless or also ethernet cables to connect the PS3 to the router). Then there are the games and accessories. They are very expensive and newly released games must be purchase at or close to full retail. You find that you must purchase items like the PS3 Move Bundle and the Navigation Controller to get full use from your system. You need to purchase an extra Dual Shock 3 controller for more than one player to play at a time and the same with the Move System. Then you might purchase an extra charging cable , a charger, or a remote control, keyboard, or a number of other accessories. If you start Playstation Plus to get the free games you must continue it or you lose the free games. The harddrive allows you to download from the PlayStation Store, but the newer models have larger harddrives because they become needed if you download everything available. Some games like Little Big Planet have huge inventories of add ons that can be purchased from the Playstation Store.

The if you do not download your games you find then start to take up more room than you have set aside for there storage. There value quickly decreases as they age and makes trading them in less profitable.

Not being able to play against an Xbox 360 owner or being able to play exclusive Xbox 360 games are very minor problems

There are many good things about the PS3 and they have not been mentioned because the question asked about the bad and that is mostly the added expense. It is not the capabilities of the system. It works great and and it continues to have new features with system updates. Most HDTVs do not deliver a picture as technologically advanced as the PS3 has provided to the HDTV, especially now that the PS3 has 3D and most HDTVs don't

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Q: What are some bad things about PS3?
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