What are some animals from A to Z?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A- Antelope, Ant, Angelfish, Aardvark B- Bird, Budgie, Bee, Buffalo, Bear C- Crow, Cat, Canary, Camel, Cheetah D- Dog, Deer, Dolphin, Donkey, Duck E- Emu, Eel, Elephant F- Frog, Fox, Flamingo G- Goat, Goose, Goldfish, Giraffe, Goanna, Gorilla H- Horse, Hippo, Hawk, Hegdehog I- Iguana J- Jaguar, Jellyfish K- Koala, Kangaroo L- Lion, Leopard, LLama M- Monkey, Meercat, Moose N- Numbat, Narwhal, Newt O- Octopus, Ostrich, Owl, Orangutan P- Penguin, Platypus, Pelican, Peacock, Panda Q- Quail, Quoll, Quokka R- Rhino, Rabbit, Racoon S- Snake, Snail, Shark T- Tiger, Toucan, Turtle U- Urchin V- Vulture W- Walrus, Whale, Wallaby X- Xenopes, X-Ray Fish Y- Yak Z- Zebra Hope this helps!!
alligator,dinosour,fish,whale,dolphin,rabbits,cats,dogs,turtles,zebras, and etc. (All kinds of animals)
A is for Alligator B is for Buffalo C is for Camel D is for Dolphin E is for Elephant F is for Fox G is for Gorilla H is for Hippopotamus I is for Iguana J is for Jaguar K is for Koala L is for Lion M is for Moose N is for Numbat O is for Otter P is for Parrot Q is for Quail R is for Raccoon S is for Seal T Is for Tiger U is for Umbrella Bird V is for Vulture W is for Walrus X is for X-Ray Fish Y is for Yak and finally... Z is for Zebra!

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Q: What are some animals from A to Z?
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