What are some Sims 2 cheat codes?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true : when you enter this cheat in the neighborhood ...go to a house that you want to play then go to the sims needs and drag them up... you can also drag up their relationship !!! And also, if you shift click on your sims' mailbox, news paper, or your sims themself, you get ALOT of other options like what job you want at what level, you can know everyone in the town, you can make someone preggers (even a guy!), an SO much more you can do it all!! move_objects on : when in buy/build mode you can move and delete sims! You can also move plates and mail boxes and trash cans... if you delete the mailbox before the mail man comes and gives you bills, the mail man wont even come to your house motherlode :$ 50,000 maxmotives : Maxes everything =] forcetwins : when your sims are whooing when you hear the pregnancy music put force twins in and you will have twins it dosent allways work but most of the time it does. (you can put it in when the first baby bump arrives too) unlockcarerrewards : unlocks every thing to do with jobs ! familyfunds(family's last name)9999999 : gives you $9,999,999 that lasts like, forever! help -all:lists all cheats kaching:$ 1000 StretchSkeleton:makes your sims larger or smaller(only through 0-8 0=high and 8=small i think) social_debug:You can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it and to get more cheats copy and pats the website below.
If you're talking about the Sims 2 for the PC, there are are plenty of cheats! But I don't know of any for the DS or the PS2. To bring up the cheat box, you hold down Control+Shift+C. Then, you type a cheat in the white box: motherlode - Gives you $50,000. boolprop testingcheatsenabled true - Lets you do many things, try it out! You just have to hold down the Shift button as you click on a Sim, and go from there. maxMotives - Makes every Need except for the Environment bar maxed out for every Sim on the lot! Good for right before you propose to someone or try for a baby. kaching - Gives you $1,000. intProp censorGridSize 0 - Removes the blur for when your Sim takes a shower or goes to the bathroom and those sort of things. It only shows a Barbie or Ken type body, nothing too revealing. But this cheat won't work if you have the Nightlife Expansion pack installed. intProp censorGridSize 8 - Puts the blur back on for when your Sim takes a shower or goes to the bathroom and those sort of things. Also won't work if you have the Nightlife Expansion pack installed. I hope these cheats help!!!!! :)

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Q: What are some Sims 2 cheat codes?
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