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Emerald Xploder Cheats

Unfortunately, there are currently no official Pokemon Emerald Xploder codes. HOWEVER, (now this, for unknown reasons, actually works, i tried it and it actually worked perfectly.) you can, for some reason, use the GameShark codes for Pokemon Emerald. I don't know why but these codes work for the Xploder GBA. I've first tried it on my Pokemon Emerald, since I was extremely desperate for the codes, but I could not find any for my Xploder, so I decided to use Gameshark codes (don't ask me why, i just did). When it first succeeded, I then tried it on my friend's copy of Pokemon Emerald. Guess what? It worked! You can go to this website to get some of the gameshark codes.

Please Note that this is the ONLY game on the GBA to utilize Gameshark codes through Action Replay. No other games will work through this method.

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Q: What are some Pokemon Emerald cheats for Xploder?
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