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ok, the aztecs people play a rubber ball

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Q: What are some Aztec games and recreation?
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What kind of recreation did slaves have?

the recreation slaves had were singing spiritual songs,and playing games

What was Navajo Recreation?

They played games

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Parks, games pitches, Swimming Pools etc. are public recreation facilities.

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Some recreation in Ontario is Fishing and Hunting and Gathering

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Parks, games pitches, swimming pools etc. are public recreation facilities.

What are the games played in Aztec?


What are all the games that the Aztec would to play?

Playing PatolliThe Aztec ball game

What is some of the recreation in Spain?

one recreation is folk dances

What do the Aztec people do for fun?

The Aztec people played games in their spare time but the work alot

What did the Aztec Indians do for fun?

played games

What were the most common forms of recreation in Ancient Greece?


What recreation did colonials do?

Colonial children played many of the same games kids do today for recreation like tag and hide and seek. Kids also played with marbles and board games.