What are pufflings?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Puffles are made-up pets for Club Penguin, each with their own color and personality. There are ten colors, but seven are available to members only. Non-members only get to have 1 Blue and 1 red Red.

colours are Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Black, Yellow, White, Orange and Brown!

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what are pufflings

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Q: What are pufflings?
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What are puffin babies called?

They are called pufflings or chicks.

What habitat do pufflings live in?

my mum

What color are baby pufflings?

There are no such thing as pufflings- there may be in the future, but not right now. The current colors are red, blue, yellow, black, purple, green and pink.

What do orangutans and pufflings have in common?

animals furry vertebrates

How do pufflings die?

they do not die they just go to the wild

What is a baby puffins name?

They are called pufflings or chicks.

Are pufflings mammals?

Puffins are birds. -I have never heard of a 'puffling'.

What is the name of a baby puffin?

Baby puffins are referred to as "pufflings" by some.

What is a baby puffin call?

A baby puffin is called a piffling- I think. ;D

What do you think happens to the pufflings that hatch on the uninhabited islands nearby?

I think they would probably get lost

Where does the pufflings live?

The Puffles Live In Your Igloo (Go Down to where you chat then click the picture of the igloo)!!! hope that helps thanks bye :)

What are the young of a Atlantic puffins babies called?

A young puffin would be a hatchling, nestling or chick. (Someone suggested they could be called pufflings as in ducklings.)