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well mine is called moody so...

  • moody
  • grumpy (like the dwarf off Snow White)
  • teenager (LOL)
  • leather
  • sparrow
  • malory
  • bulldog
  • volcano
  • emo...
  • disaster
  • chamberz
  • draco
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Q: What are good names for black puffles?
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What are some good names for rainbow puffles?

Poptart, Sprinkles, Jello, Rookie

What do black puffles do on Club Penguin?

Black puffles like skatebording.

What are good puffle names?

Here are the names I gave my puffles... Blue: Lad Red: Lil' Red Black: Jet Pink: Leap Green: Zip Yellow: Vincent Purple: Mr. plum White: Shimmer.

What are all of the names of the Puffles in Club Penguin?

There are noactuallynames of the puffles. You can buy them and name them yourself.

What are the puffles names on club penguin epf?

red-Blast pink-Loop blue-Bouncerpurple-Pop black-Flare yellow-Chirpgreen-Flit

On Club Penguin what are the mission names?

Case of the missing puffles.

What are good names for puffles in club penguin?

Skye">Skye">Skye">SkyeSkateborder - black Fireball - blackPainter - yellowArtistic yellowJuggler - greenShannon - unknownCannon - redSun Shine - unknownOrange - orangeDisco - purpleBubblegum - unknownBerry - unknownBlue - blueCloud - unknownFlare - blackMark - unknown

What colour puffles catches fire?

A black puffle.

What do black puffles do with you'?

If you make him play, he'll skate.

How many black puffles are there in club penguin?


What names are the puffles on club penguin elite penguin force?

This is all the puffles, in the order of how you get them. The Blue puffle is Bouncer. The Red puffle is Blast. The Black puffle is Flare. The Pink puffle is Loop. The Purple puffle is Pop. The Green puffle is Flit. The Yellow puffle is Chirp. The White puffle is Chill. And the rumor name for the Orange puffle is Boxer.

Where did the puffles go in club penguin?

The puffles went nowhere. The Pet Shop ones are still there and the black ones are still there.