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A computer peripheral, or peripheral device, is an external object that provides input and output for the computer. Some common input devices include: * joystick * pen tablet * MIDI keyboard * digital camera * video camera

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Q: What are four examples of computer peripheral devices?
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What are data output devices?

Any peripheral that receives and/or displays output from a computer. Below are some examples of different types of output devices commonly found on a computer.MonitorPrinterSound cardSpeakersVideo card

What are the fundamentals of a computer?

The four fundamental parts of the computer are Processor, Memory, Input devices, and Output devices. Typically, they are tied together by something called a Bus (there may be more than one of any of the preceding).

What are the categories of an output device?

Here are some different output devices:MonitorsSpeakersPrintersFax machines

What are the four 4 main parts of the computer and their examples?

The 4 common part of the computer are:Monitor - The screen that gives you a visual aid of what going on.Central Processing Unit or CPU- the main part the handles the processing task of the computerKeyboard- The part that allows you to give commands to the computer by typing.Printer- the devices that allows you to print images/information from the computer onto paper.

Give four examples of devices besides PCs that will eventually run on wireless LANs?

Keyboards, mice, printers, and monitors are four examples

What are four examples of computer accessories and explain each of them?

accessories are Monitor, printer, Rat (mouse), scanner, keyboard. Monitors and printers are output devices RAT (mouse), keyboard and scanners are input devices Hmm, gave more than 4, devices. A camera is also an accessory, or do you mean accessory to a crime, well that's a different question all together ;) Cheers!

What are the four essential elements of a computer?

The four essential elements of a comuter or input, output, processing and storage of data.

What are the basic part of a computer?

The four basic parts of a computer is the processor, input devices, output devices and the display.

What is data communications and what four items are needed to make it work?

Data Communication is the transmission of data (text, voice, etc) from one computer to another (or to a peripheral device). The four things needed are a sender, a receiver, a channel and a protocol.

What is meant when referring to a quad core computer?

A quad core computer is a computer with four cores as its processor. This means that it has four central processing units (CPUs), which allows it to run faster and allow for parallel computing.

What are four static control devices or methods that you can use to ground yourself and computer parts?

One is a ground bracelet, two is a ground mat, three is static shelding bags, and four is antistatic gloves.

List four examples of non- volatile storage devices?

Examples of nonvolatile storage media include all of the following except ____. a. memory c. microfiche b. floppy disks d. PC Cards 3