What are famous swimmers names?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Michael Phelps.

Jenny Thompson.

Mark Spitz.

Cathy Freeman

Susie O'neil

Ian Thorp

Samantha Rice

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Q: What are famous swimmers names?
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In which olympic sport did Kieren Perkins and Susie O'Neill make their names?

Kieren Perkins and Susie O'Neil are famous swimmers and that's what sport they made their names in.

What are the swimmers in swimming?

Swimmers are the people who are the participants in the sport of swimming. They are the ones that swim the events. Some famous swimmers include: Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Katie Hoff.

What are he names of every shark in south Africa?

We don't give them names... They can't call names, their mouths are full of stupid swimmers.....

Why do swimmers practice for so many hours?

So they becomeprofessionals and they become famous.

Do they project the names into the end of the swimming pool at the Olympics?

The names of the swimmers are only shown on the TV screen, not actually projected on to the water.

Who was the most famous person in 1996?

Patrick reardon is a hottie with a swimmers body ♥

African swimmers names?

Moira Abernathy, Chad le Clos, and Jessica Roux are all South African swimmers. They were all part of the African Olympic swim team.

What is collective noun for swimmers?

The collective noun for 'swimmers' is a raft of swimmers.

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Who are the ten most famous Australian swimmers who qualified for Olympics 2008?

Stephanie RiceGrant HackketLibby TrickketMalissa WuJessica ShipperIan Thorpe