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hi um

does anybody know what the password is for this:

neighbours raccoon

^ Stupid answer above


Ask and you shall: Be charged

An open wallet: Is often empty

Bottom dollar: Top dog

Cat's away: Mice shop

Crazy Redd: Is 35

Courage is nice: Cash is freedom

Even robbers: Have safes

Fan in one hand: Cash in other

Foot in the door: Eye on prize

For my fans: Shop here again

Get an Education: Or win it big

Give 2 cents: Ask for change

Golden ingots?: Redd Bells

Head in the sand: Find something

Honest/Healthy souls: can be bought

Hot and cold: Money makes it

I'm all alone: But I have cash

Life expectancy: Redd is 35

Look at people: Wallets full

Look back: What did you miss

Neighbor Raccoon: One ugly fellow

No flowers: Just cash

No money: Means no fun

Roses have: High prices

Rough childhood: Lax adulthood

Someone to wed: No way Nook

Spoiled rotten: Bean curd

Talk is cheap: So is Redd

Thankless task: Goes unpaid

The grass is greener: On my side

The pen: Is cheaper

Tom Nook: One ugly fellow

What smells?: Bean curd.

What's inside: Is fabulous

When the cat's gone: Mice shop

Why buy the cow: get milk here

Someone to wed? : No way Nook

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Q: What are crazy Redd's passwords on Animal Crossing Wild World?
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In animal crossing wild world where can you get pink furniture?

at tom nooks or at redds when he comes in the tent

How do you become crazy redds cousin in animal crossing wild world?

Enter his clubhouse by guessing his password then find a object that you want and you will have to pay 3000 bells to be his cousin.

In animal crossing wild world how do you get art exhibts for the museum?

you have to buy them from crazy redds tent and donate the ones that are not forged to the museum to check wether it is real or not look in your catalouge after you buy it

What do you have to where to get in to crazy redds in Animal Crossing?

I don't know what you mean but to find crazy redds in wild world step 1 talk to the otter on Sunday and he will ask when will a good day visit be tell him any day and redd will visit that day. step 2 then talk to all your neighbors and one will ask you if you heard of redds shop answer no and they will give you an invitation to redds shop pay the members fee then every Sunday repeat step 1 then you will get a letter in the mail with a password to get in to redds

Who do you have to find to to get crazy Redd's passwords on animal crossing wild world?

Talk to all the people in your town one will tell you

What is in redd's shop in Animal Crossing City Folk?

in animal crossing lets go to city, redds shop is in the city. when you get off the bus, go up the stairs and take a left. keep going along that path till you reach a metal door, that's redds shop. but in animal crossing wild world, redds shop comes in the form of a tent. it will come at random times and will be outside your town hall. it is a green tent with redds leaf on it.

Where is Crazy Redds shop in Animal Crossing Wild World?

It is Usally in frount of the post office, and he comes to peoples towns on diffrent day, like for example he comes to my town on Fridays. Hope I helped ! :]

How do you ask the residents the password for crazy redds tent in animal crossing wild world?

you go to one person and talk to him/her loads of times. if that dosent work then go round everyone in the town until someone gives u the password

How do you have a baby on Animal Crossing wild world?

You can not have a baby on Animal Crossing: Wild World

How many Animal Crossing are there?

One for DS : Animal Crossing Wild World One for Wii : Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City One for Gamecube : Animal Crossing Wild World (Same title as Ds) :)

Animal Crossing wild world for psp?

There is no animal crossing for the PSP.

Can you get a boat on Animal Crossing wild world?

No. You are unable to get a boat on Animal Crossing Wild World.