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mine is KAO$ i think its pretty cool

yeah mine is bLuD for blud brothers so anyone thats on ps3 put that as your clan name so we can have a huge organisation

mine is Sman and my emblem is super man logo

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Q: What are cool clan tags for call of duty?
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When do you get colored clan tags in Call Of Duty Ghosts?

clan level 10 you get gold colored clan tag,clan level 25(max level) you get a red colored clan tag.

How do you put gun tags on your gun on call of duty?

you can only do it in black ops and can only inscribe your clan tag

What are some cool clan tags?

Well Depends what type of gamer you are

What is a clan on call of duty?

A clan is a group of people that play Call of Duty multiplayer with eachother. Players can be identified as clan members with a 1-4 character message (known as clan tags) bracketted before their multiplayer name (ex: [BOSS]gamer12345). CODMW3 made clans even better with COD ELITE. ELITE enabled people to actually form clans, and level up their clan, professionally, without imagining it like players had to do prior to MW3. ELITE clan tags have yellow colored characters, instead of the normal white.

What animations are there for call of duty 5 clan tags?

[MOVE] [RAIN] [CYCL] [....] [CYLN] hope this helps chill out girl scout....(COG$). is the best clan ever.........................................................chill out 88,m1gga,mdterps15,ballaholoic22.

Is there clan tags in red dead redemption?

No, there are no clan tags in Red Dead Redemption! The only add on to your name is a title.

What are the best ps3 mw2 clan tag?

The best clan tags are RIOT and B-TX

Does your guns reset after 1-10 persteige on call of duty 4 2?

it does reset your guns but you get new symbols challanges and you keep tags

What does clang tang do on black ops?

A clan tag is basically a ''clan'' name that comes before your username. Clan tags can only be accessed on the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3.

What are some Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer hacks?

15th prestige and i saw somebody using an aimbot. The reason why i know this is that i was in a few lobbies where i saw a couple people who had colored clan tags green and red for example. And as for the aimbot I saw a couple videos on youtube of people in BLACK OPs using an aimbot. THANKS 4 POSTING!!!!!

When do military id tags have to be worn?

Any time you're on duty.

How much is the fine for expired tags in mason oh?

your cool