What are cheats for cod black ops?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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At the main menu for 360 press Lt and Rt for PS3 press back buttons. Come to a computer next to the chair. (Go around the chair and you've Got It!) Now, type in 3ARC unlock. Type CAT for Info. If you put mp.vorkuta.mp2. It will show the outside of the Campaign mission Vorkuta. Now, type RLOGIN DREAMLAND for Dreamland Server a secret cheat code for a RANDOM Cheat. Or, put DOA for Dead Ops Arcade A secret mini- game. And another mini-game is the Cheat ZORK for a secret game. That's It! all the codes! Important Message: If you now Infinite Ammo or Skipping Rounds Code please tell me.

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Q: What are cheats for cod black ops?
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Is there any cheats for COD black ops 2?


What are some cod black ops cheats?

tell me

Is there cheats for online cod black ops multiplayer?

No, but there are glitches, if you cheat or glitch it can get you banned forever

What are cheats for cod black ops zombies wii?

there are no cheat codes you would have to hack the game.

What is after cod black ops?

MW3 is after COD black ops.

How do you put in cheats on cod black ops 2?

To put in cheats on COD Black Ops 2 you need to the main menu. From the main menu you type your cheat code into the cheat computer. Examples of cheat codes include DOA, 3ARC INTEL, and 3ARC Unlock

What are all the cheats for cod black ops?

just you to c.c.c. to get all the cheats.which means cheat code central:)

What is better dragon age 2 or cod black ops?

Cod black ops

What are the COD Black Ops Trophies?

There are approximately 52 trophies in cod black ops (Playstation3)

What Black ops cheats do?

Black OpS cheats help you win the game!!

What is the best website to get cheatcodes for black ops?

really there arent any cheats fro cod black ops only mods and hacks which can get you banned off of PSN so i dnt recomend that.

What do you do after you have entered zork on cod black ops?

You can either type in different cheats, or you can enter the wonderful world of zork by typing in commands to the game.