What are ash's Pikachu's moves?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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all of his moves are super strong! He uses Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Agility, Thunder Iron Tail, and Volt Tackle. (he also uses this made up thing called Counter Shield)

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Q: What are ash's Pikachu's moves?
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How do you get ash's Pikachu in platinum?

i dont have ashs pikachu but i could get you close i have level 100 pikachus and i dont no how or what i need to do gts so if you could get tell me how id get you one oh it knows thunder,iron tail,thunderbolt,thundershock

What moves does ashs Charizard know?

Carizard knows flame thrower,over heat,seismic toss and dragon breath

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What four moves does ashs Pikachu have?

depends on what season you want he has known thunderbolt, agility, quick attack, iron tail, volt tackle, and electro ball.

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arr man what is ashs bulbasaurs favo move?i think its rasour leaf.

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you do not

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