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Animals that aren't pokemon yet 1.manatee 2.lemur 3.dolphin 4.koala (debatable with spinda) 5.narwhal (debatable with dewgong) 6.opossum 7.humming bird 8.panda 9.lion fish 10.leech 11.meerkat 12.cheetah (liepard is a leopard) 13.moose 14.donkey 15.goat 16.flamingo 17.peacock 18.Komodo dragon 19.vine snake 20.boa/python 21.torpedo ray 22.clownfish 23.flounder 24.spider squid 25.vampire squid 26.firefly squid 27.barnacle 28.ordinary fly 29.cockroach 30.dung beetle 31.mantis 32.sea spider 33.tarantula (ariados isn't big, scary, and FURRY) 34.silver fish 35.glow worm I am human,so if you have a questionable Pokemon like these animals, please contact me

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Q: What are animals that aren't Pokemon yet?
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