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the best moves for infernape are fireblast earthqauke close combat and blast burn

No, that moveset sucks. Close Combat, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz and Earthquake is a really good moveset.

no, the best moves for infernape is Flare Blitz because of the ability blaze, Thunder Punch for water and flying types, Close Combat or Mach punch, and Shadow claw for the Psychic types. This is the best moveset for sure.

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Q: What are all the moves that Infernape can learn?
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What moves do Infernape learn?

Well Infernape can probably learn flamethrower,fame wheel,ember and etc. Since Infernape is a strong Pokemon and he is fire type he probably can learn a ton of fire type moves. Hope this helps!

What level does infernape learn earthquake?

Infernape doesn't learn earthquake. The moves he does learn are close combat at level 41, Fire Spin at level 53 and Flare Blitz at level 57. Fire Pokemon can't learn ground moves unless there part ground or rock type. Infernape is Fire and Fighting. "Fire Pokemon can't learn ground moves unless there part ground or rock type. Infernape is Fire and Fighting." Absolutely incorrect! One, many Pokemon can learn Earthquake regardless of type (e.g. Gyarados, Drapion, Sceptile) through TM21. The same goes for Infernape.

What are the moves Infernape learn?

Close combat, Fire spin, Calm mind, and Flare blitz

What are all of the moves Infernape can learn and at what levels?

The one i just discovered was at lv. 57 he learns flare blitz. Check, it has a level-up chart for all pokemon.

Can Infernape learn sky uppercut?

no, infernape can not learn sky uppercut

Can infernape learn false swipe?

no in infernape can not learn false swipe

What moves can Infernape learn on its own?

infernape can learn the following on its own: lvl 36:close combat lvl 42:fire spin lvl 52:acrobatics lvl 58:calm mind lvl 68:flare blitz

What level does Infernape learn lava plume?

Infernape doesn't learn Lava Plume

When does infernape learn shadow claw?

Infernape can learn Shadow Claw by TM 65.

When will infernape learn close combat?

When u evolve it into infernape then it automatically learn close combat.

How can you make your Infernape learn close combat?

Infernape will learn Close Combat at Level 41.

What level will infernape learn flamethrower?

Infernape can only learn Flamethrower via TM. It cannot learn it by leveling up.