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As of Season 2, the only clone pilots named are:

Goji: "Zillo Beast"

Rod: "Zillo Beast"

Matchstick: "Shadow of Malevolence"

Broadside: "Shadow of Malevolence"

Tag: "Shadow of Malevolence"

Mack: "The Gungan General"

Tucker: "Storm over Ryloth"

Axe: "Storm over Ryloth"

Swoop: "Storm over Ryloth"

Slammer: "Storm over Ryloth"

Kickback: "Storm over Ryloth"

Hawk: "The Hidden Enemy"

Warthog: "Holocron Heist"

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Q: What are all the clone pilots names from the Clone Wars TV series?
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Who were the Jedi killed in the clone wars?

in episode 3 it was mace windu,kit fisto,ayla secura, shaka tii, saesee tiin,plo koon, ki adi mundui, barriss offee, luminara unduli, stass allie and traavis where all of the major jedi that where killed but thousands of other jedi where killed by their once fellow clones the only survivors of this mess was obi wan kenobi and jedi master yoda the only clones that did not follow the orders of order 66 where the commandos the few small groups of clone commandos they are the highest rank of clone there is they did not turd and fire on their jedi commander when order 66 was issued they stayed loyal and after their jedi masters where killed they spread out over the galaxy and lived free lives not worrying about the war the best squad of commandos was delta squad this groupe of 4 clones where the top clones ever bred they out ranked commanders and even the allpowerful arc trooper there names where sev,fixer,schorch and ther allpowerful leader known as boss he dose not really have a name they called him boss or by his number 38 and the second best squad was omega squad all commandos travvle in a group of 4 4 commandos are equal to probably 2-3,000 droids or 1 sith lord

What are all the jedi names?

There are countless Jedi. But the most famous ones are Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano (Anakin Skywalker's Padawan learner in the Clone Wars), Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, Leia Solo (after the events in Return of the Jedi), Qui-Gon Jinn, Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Quinlan Vos

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Characters:Indiana JonesPeople:Iggy PopIsabella RosaliniIvan the TerribleIan Ziering, actor (TV series Beverly Hills 90210)

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Who is the clone in Star Wars the clone wars in the episode the citidel?

What clone? Fives, Rex, Echo and Cody are in it and as far as i know the other clone names are unown

What are some common clone names from star wars?

Some clone names i know are breaker, Flash, Rex, Hardcase and Fixer. These names go with their nature, like beaker likes to break things and fixer likes to fix things. Hardcase would be tough.

What are the Star Wars clone names?

There's thousands of clones. But the most famous ones are Cody and Rex

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What are some clone trooper names?

Rex, Cody, Deviss, Bly, Gree, Fox, and Thire, basically all of the high ranking officers, heros and commandos have names every other clone has a name like CT-4829. From Republic Commando: Sev, Boss, Scorch, Fixer (Sev is my personal fave) Darman, Fi, Niner, A'den (I like Jek personally) Matchstick, Pag, O'niner, Jek, Keeli, Hawk.

Who is Captain Rex?

Captain Rex (Rex being a nickname, as clones don't have names) is a clone trooper of the rank of Captain in the 501st legion, torrent company, assigned to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. despite the similarities in armor, he is NOT an arc trooper, though he may have had some arc training. he was first introduced in the 2008 film 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' and has appeared in subsequent comics, books, toys, and T.V. series.

What is Xions title?

Xion was originally the first, but last, of a series of experiments in an attempt to try and clone Sora. She was given the title 'No.1', but the experiment went wrong, resulting in the outcome being a female Nobody,and because Nobody's all need names, they called her 'Xion'.

What are the names of all-Star Wars action figures?

it could take decades to list them all (as there have been hundreds, maybe thousands, along with different varieties) so i will simply say that you might want to check out star wars collector sites, such as BryansToys. if you mean what are the names of the action figure series', then the most prominent ones are the original Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of the Jedi, Power Of The Force, Power Of The Force 2, Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, Clone Wars (original), The Complete Saga, Revenge Of The Sith, The Force Unleashed, and The Clone Wars (new animated movie and t.v. series)

What are the names of the members in Fang's flock in the book ANGEL?

Hmm let's see.. Fang's flock.. Maya (max's clone) Holden Ratchet Kate Star there :D

What are the names of the walking robots in Empire Strikes Back?

Assuming that you are talking about the walkers during the Hoth battle, those are AT-AT walkers. They are versions of the AT-TE walkers in the Clone Wars period.

What is the names of the different clone in Star Wars?

Commander Cody Captain Rex - CW Commander Fox - CW Those are just the three main clones. There are so many clones, that I doubt that we know all their names or their numbers.

What are all the clone troopers?

Clone Troopers are fictional characters from the movie, comics, and books of, or based on the Star Wars Science-fiction movie series created by George Lucas. They are all identical genetic clones of a selected specimen representative of the race institutionally raised, developed, and nurtured, for certain behavioral, physical traits, and to be subservient. As they are identical, this makes them easier to control. Yet, this may also be considered to be a design flaw, as they are also very predictable. In the Star Wars world they are considered expendable, little more than pawns and cannon-fodder. There is an underlying morale question as to whether these entities have souls.In the Star Wars epics, the Clone Troopers assisted the Galactic Republic, in the battle against the Separatist droid army (CIS). But, later betrayed the Jedi council, when Order 66 was passed to all clone troops in the galaxy by the evil Sith Lord Chancellor Palpatine. The clone commanders or captains are the clones that lead the clone troops into battle on different planets. The colors displayed on their armor don't indicate their ranking, designate their assigned leader/commander/general, or yet may indicate the environment where they will be deployed for duty. Examples:Green= 41st elite corpsblue=senate guardYellow=327th star corpsblue=501st legionorange=212th battalionpurple=187th legionbluish green=141st legionClone Trooper armor styles and shapes indicate their assigned specialty/function, but may also reflect environmental practicalities, such as camouflage Imperial pilots wear Black armor to blend in with the dark cockpit of a tie fighter and to honor there template that there batch came from. A distinctively different armor would be the standard White and Black armor with flexible joints of a Storm Trooper for better versatility in combat. Red, full-body, armor with lesser joint flexibility and capes are worn by the Imperial Guard. All Clone Trooper armor is constructed of laser reflective fibers to help deflect laser and blaster damage, and internally padded to provide some concussive damage protection. Yet, it is very ineffective from more primative projectile weaponry, crushing blow, and shraphnel-type damage. Most have their own built in communication devices, gas-masks and air filtration systems, and back mounted power-packs to operate these and other modifications/options such as heating or cooling systems.Clone troopers came from Kamino(all clone troopers came from here firstto the clone wars). The first clones came from jango fett as there template, the later ones were picked from ace pilots that volunteered while the Clone wars was in motion.On Kamino Lama Su was the main supervisor for clone exports at Kamino.When the ice melted on Kamino they had to ajust to the climate by slective breadingand cloning. They have to trade there cloning skills for raw recoursesThe source Jango Fett by the time of his death at the hand of Mace WinduHe was conceded the best bounty hunter in the galaxy He had a son Boba Fett which is actually a unmodified clone of his self.Clone troopers come in alot of different units from deepsea trooper to the normal clone trooper(the one you see on the gound fighting all the time).Most clone troopers go by their "manufacture code", an alpha-numerical two-letter batch number followed by a four-digit serial number. This is the tracking ID assigned to them upon creation on the planet Kamino, and is used in lieu of a name. Clone commanders and officers are assigned nicknames based on that same alpha-numerical combination. Examples; Cody, Gree, Bacara, Neyo, Bly, Appo, Deviss, Rex, Fox would be used for names from batch codes; CDI (or CDY), GRE, NEO, BLI (or BLY), APO ,Des, Rex, Fox.One of the Storm Troopers whose serial number comes up in the first movie released; Star Wars IV: A New Hope was "THX-1138", which was the title of an early Orwellian style George Lucas movie released in 1971.Some of the Clone Troopers mentioned by name in the series include; Commander Fox and Captain Rex.