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Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Burst Stream of Destruction

Dragon Master Knight


Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Paladin of White Dragon

The White Stone of Legend

White Dragon Ritual

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There is also Rider of the Storm Winds and Deep-Eyes White Dragon.

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Q: What are all the cards related to Blue-Eyes White Dragon?
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Which cards are there in Kiba's starter deck?

blue eyes white dragon

How do you get Blue Eyes White dragon in sacred cards?

You need to get the code for it at

What stores sell blue eyes white dragon cards?

Argos can sell them. but the best place to go is tir prince in north wales they have alot of stalls that sell yugioh cards including the blue eyes white dragon.

How many Blue Eyes White Dragon cards are there?

Unlike in the first anime, where only 3 copies of this card existed, there are a lot of Blue Eyes White Dragon cards around, and it's not hard to find them on sites such as eBay.

How many booster packs do you have to buy to get blue eyes white dragon?

Well I bout a booster pack and found 2 blue eyes white dragon cards

How many different versions or forms of blue eyes white dragon is there?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Dragon Master Knight (In a way)

What cards are in the legendary collection?

European set - 3 God Cards, Ultra Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician and Red-Eyes B. Dragon. Two packs each of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders and Pharaoh's Servant. US/CAN set - 3 God Cards, Ultra Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician and Red-Eyes B. Dragon. One pack each of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Spell Ruler, Pharaoh's Servant, Dark Crisis and Invasion of Chaos.

Which booster pack has the Exodia cards?

The Exodia cards can be found in the booster packs Legend of the White Dragon and Dark Beginning 1.

What cards could you put in your dragon deck to improve it?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3, lord of d., flute of summoning dragon, luster dragon(1 & 2), Mountain

Yu-Gi-Oh the most popular cards?

It depends on the Metagame (the decks and strategies that are the most dominant). To my knowledge popular cards include (but not limited to): # Dark Armed Dragon # Crystal Seer # Dark Magician of Chaos # Blue-Eyes White Dragon # The five Exodia pieces and related cards # Many of the new Synchro Monsters # If you look at the Banned/Restricted List, some of the cards that are Banned or Limited are popular.

What is the code for blue eyes white dragon in yu gi oh sacred cards?


Where do you get the pack Legends of Blue Eyes White Dragon?

Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Collection (contains 6 packs [including Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon] a Red-eyes Black Dragon Blue-eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and the 3 Egyptian God Cards)