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Go on, or try, for the Pokedex on all the Pokemon.

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Q: What are all 202 Pokemon from Pokemon emerald?
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Where can you get all 202 pokemon of hoem in pokemon emerald?

You cannot get all 202 Pokemon just on emerald because there are Pokemon that are only obtainable in either Sapphire or emerald, but when you trade on emerald it will update your pokedex to national mode.

Which Pokemon can you catch in emerald?

the 202 Pokemon in hoenn.

Can you get typhlosion in Pokemon FireRed?

no but you can in emerald after catching 202 Pokemon

National pokedex emerald?

there are a total of 202 pokemon

How do you catch all 202 Pokemon in Pokemon emerald in a hour?

impossable im still looking for Pokemon on it and i haved it for over 3 months.

How do you get all 202 Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

Actually, Emerald version (along with R/S/FR/LG) has 386 Pokemon and if you have a look at a R/S/E/FR/LG pokedex you'll see all the areas

How many Hoenn Pokemon is there in emerald?

200 or 202 counting Jirachi and Deoxys

How many Pokemon are there in Pokemon emerald?

386 Pokemon.

Can you get a Feralagatr in Pokemon Diamond?

yes you have to obtain all 202 Pokemon in Pokemon emerald and then prof. will then let you chose either cyndiquil totodile and chickorita you then have to transfer it from pal park into your diamond

How do get you Meganium on Pokemon Emerald?

You have to complete all 202 Pokemon on the Hoenn Pokedex. When this is done, Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav. Go to his lab and you can select Chicorita, then raise it.

What is the maximum amount of Pokemon can be captured in Emerald without trading?

u can catch 202 well that's as much as i have.

How do you receive a Typhlosion in Pokemon Emerald?

get all the Pokemon in the emerald dex