What are Bowser's kids' names?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bowser has eight children, which are referred to as Koopalings (or Koopa Kids in the cartoons). As you read these, you can probably guess the origins of some of their names...

In order from oldest to youngest:

Ludwig von Koopa: (After Ludwig von Beethoven) The meanest, haughtiest, and most arrogant of the Koopalings. However, he enjoys listening to Classical Music, and is in fact a composer himself. Color representation: dark blue.

Lemmy Koopa: (After Lemmy Kilmister) The most immature of them all, Lemmy seems to like his big bouncy yellow ball more than defeating Mario. Color representation: yellow.

Roy Koopa: (After Roy Orbison) The bully of the kids. His head and sunglasses are colored pink (maybe in reference to the 'real men wear pink' saying?), and his shell (though originally pink as well) is colored purple. All together laid back and indifferent. Color representation: purple.

Iggy Koopa: (After Iggy Pop) Seen to be very intelligent, yet demented. He is tallest and skinniest of the siblings. Color representation: lime green.

Wendy O. Koopa: (After Wendy O. Williams) The only sister of the siblings, Wendy is a spoiled, whiny girl adorned in jewelry. Watch out! She has a very little temper. Color representation: pink.

Morton Koopa Jr.: (After Morton Downey Jr.) The 'Jr.' to his name does not mean anything in-game; it is simply based on the man his character was named after. Morton's skin tone, darker than his brothers and sister, is due to the hot and dry climate he lives in. Color representation: black.

Larry Koopa: (After Larry King) He is bad tempered and bratty, having been the youngest until Bowser Jr. was introduced. He will do anything to win. Color representation: sky blue.

Bowser Jr.: (After Bowser!) The youngest, yet most devoted of the siblings. Bowser Jr. is Bowser's favorite child, and next in heir. He has a bandanna with a toothy-mouth design on it, which is tied around his neck. His appearance is more common than his siblings throughout the Mario series. Color representation: green.

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Q: What are Bowser's kids' names?
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