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Unemployment is a social studies word. Urban is a social studies word.

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Q: What are 7 grade social studies words that begin with the letter I?
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Answers to social studies workbook page 72 5th grade social studies?

I am sorry we did not get that

Is there going to be a social studies star test for sixth grade?

I'm in 6th grade and the school i go to doesn't have social studies star test, so probably not.

What grade do you start social studies?

you start it at the start of your school

In ninth grade do you take History?

yes you do :) or social studies

What is the best grade you might get on a social studies project?

The best grade should be a 100.

What is the name of the social studies textbook for 6th grade?

The name of a social studies textbook for 6th grade can vary depending on the school district or state's curriculum. Common textbooks used for 6th grade social studies include "World Cultures and Geography," "The American Journey," and "Discovering Our Past."

Do social studies study man?

It depends on what the school or teacher wants to teach in social studies no matter in what grade you are it depends on the school or teacher

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yes i learned it in sixth grade

Harcourt horizons authors 5th grade social studies?


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Look at page 456

In 5TH grade social studies a position of power and responsibility is called what?


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in my class of social studies in 2nd grade