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I don't know email notch and ask.

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i think blender

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Q: What animation program does mojang use?
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What program did the creators of the total drama series use to create the animation?

Flash or ToonBoom

Buy a 3D Animation Program?

form_title=Buy a 3D Animation Program form_header=Learn about 3D animation programs and discover which one is right for you. Do you have any prior training in computer graphics or computer animation?= () Yes () No On what computer platform do you intend to use the 3d animation programs?=_ Are you interested in software so you can create 3D animations?= () Yes () No

What program does Pixar use to animate?

Disney Pixar uses a mixture a Autodesk Maya and Pixar Renderman for their work. Maya for the modeling and animation, Renderman for the rendering of the animation out. These pieces of software are the industry standard, also, for computer aided special effects.

Has mineshafter been caught by mojang?

Yes mineshaft was catched by Mojang is that why the mojang accounts are be created :( well If you have an old account in minecraft you can use it but If don't...

What stop motion animation program does nick park use?

He used stop motion pro

Is the stop motion animation program on clayanimator dot com safe to download and use?

yes, i have it.

What is a good program for animation?

stiks is a great program for that

What is the name of the company that made minecraft?

The name is Mojang Inc.

What is the best cheap program for animation?

You can do basic animation with Grisoft's GIMP, which is free.

What software can use I to make drawings into animation?

I believe one of the "Manga Studio" versions have a flash program.

What are the release dates for Animation Program - 2005?

Animation Program - 2005 was released on: USA: January 2005 (Sundance Film Festival)

Does the animation program pencil have viruses?

No, it's just a free software for animation. It works great for a program you don't need to pay for, but I can't use it anymore because my desktop computer is fried, and won't run it (and iTunes and more) anymore.