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* Skunk * Mouse

* Auk

* Louse * Grouse * Grunion * Bunting * Acouchi * Agouti * Husky (dog) * Ankole-Watusi * Anura * Aoudad * Apatosaurus (extinct dinosaur) * Babirusa * Hound (dog) * Bluejay * Bluebird * Bluebottle * Boutu * Bubblefish * Buck * Budgie * Bufeo * Buffalo * Bufflehead * Bull * Bullfrog * Bumblebee * Bunny * Burro * Bustard * Buzzard * Crustacean * Cub * Cuckoo * Curassow * Curlew * Cuscus * Cusimanse * Cuttlefish * Duck * Duckbill * Duckling * Dugong * Dunlin * Dunnart * Fugu * Fulmar * Guanaco * Guillemot * Gull * Guppy * Huemul * Huia * Hummingbird * Junco * Lungfish * Mule * Muntjac * Murrelet * Muskrat * Mustang * Nudibranch * Numbat * Nutcracker * Nuthatch * Nutria * Puffer * Puffin * Pug * Puma * Puppy * Quagga * Quahog * Quail * Quelea * Quetzal * Quillback * Quokka * Quoll * Sunfish * Tuatara * Tuna * Turaco * Turkey * Turnstone * Turtle * Urubu * Urutu * Vulpes Vulpes * Vulture

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Q: What animals have the letter U in the middle of its name?
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What farm animals start with the letter u?

Ukrainian Grey Cattle are farm animals. They begin with the letter U.

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There are no Australian animals that start with the letter U

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Ursus Arctos Horriblis is the scientific name for the grizzly bear.

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