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Some states that start with V are Vermont and Virginia.

Some countries that start with V are Venezuela and Virgin Islands.

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Q: What States and countries that starts with V?
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What is a place that starts with the letter v?

Val Verde County is a county in Texas. Vermont & Virginia are the only U.S. states that begin with the letter v. Van Buren County is a county in Tennessee. Venezuela and Vietnam are countries.

How many states in the US starts with the letters TUand V?

T = Texas, TennesseeU = Utah V = Vermont, Virginia

What thing in Michigan starts with v?

A vacation starts with a V.

What are the two countries in California that start with a v?

There are no countries in California. California is just a state, one of the states comprising the country called the United States of America.

Fish that starts with letter v?

Viper fish Viper fish starts with v. Viper fish starts with v.

What is the imaginary line that divides states cities or countries that starts with the letter b?


What should be The setting for a dual-voltage selector switch on a power supply when using the computer in The united States?

115 V in united states and 220 v in other countries

Names of states in world starts from v letter?

Veracruz is one of 31 states in Mexico. Victoria is one of 6 states in Australia. Vienna is one of 9 states in Austria.

Name 5 countries that starts with letter you?

Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Uzbekistan are countries. They begin with the letter u.

What is a bird that starts with v?


What does fungi eat that starts with a v?

Vegetables or vegetation is what fungi eats that starts with a V.

What letter starts with a V that is a fruit?

Vanilla is the only fruit that starts with V.

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