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I don't really recommend Torchic or Ralts as Pokemon to have in your line-up to begin with. Although Ralts is a Psychic-type, and Psychic's are traditionally very strong, his defense is weak, even after he evolves into Kirlia (2nd evolution). He really doesn't get strong until his final evolution into Gardevoir (lvl 30).


Torchic is actually considered to be THE BEST starter Pokemon because of it's ability to learn a both Fighting and Flying-type moves, which will speed you along through the first two gyms. But Mudkip is actually the better starter in my opinion. He learns some great moves (like, Mud Shot, for instance), and his attack only gets higher as he progresses. I'd have to say it's a conscience matter. Your choice.

To take on the Elite Four, consider the types you'll be up against, and what's effective against them.

Number one: Sydney. He uses Dark and Normal-type Pokemon. Go at him with Fighting-type Pokemon.

Number two: Phoebe. She uses Ghost-type and a few Psychic Pokemon. Strong Dark and Ghost attacks will tear her to ribbons.

Number three: Glacia. All of her Pokemon are either Ice/Normal or Water/Normal. Fighting is usually the better choice, but for her Glalie's, use Fire.

Number four: Drake. He uses Dragon-type Pokemon, through and through. I recommend using a strong Ice-type Pokemon. Ice is 4x as effective on Dragons as Normal moves.

League Champion: Steven/Wallace. In Ruby and Sapphire, Steven will deal with a number of different types, but uses Steel predominately. Use Fire, or better yet, Water, to dispose of them. He'll also have Grass and Rock types in there to throw you off. Handle them accordingly.

Wallace uses Pokemon of all-sorts. Have a good assortment ready, ye old Emerald players.

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Q: What Pokemon should i use against the elite four in Pokemon rubyand it is the elite four right and my starter is thorchic and i want to make sure to use the ralts evoulutions if im able to?
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