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Pretty much all of them.

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Q: What Pokemon says kyuuun in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you know if Pokemon is platinum?

it says "platinum" on the box

Where can you find octilery on Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon Platinum guide book says you get it at Pastoria City with a super rod hope i helped

When you look at the description of a egg in Pokemon platinum what does it mean when it says a mysterious Pokemon?

a random Pokemon will hatch

How do you get the Pokemon event on platinum?

By being weak and losing until the game says what's going on, and you get platinum.

Where to find Whismur in Pokemon Platinum?

go to Sandgem town and talk to the girl that says which Pokemon is where

What do you do when it says unknown on your action replay in the game Pokemon platinum?

lightening bolt

What is Pokemon platinum's id code?

it says when you put the game into the action replay

What if it says no gifts to be found on Pokemon platinum?

then there isn't any present in the area

What to do in Pokemon platinum when grunt says he is lost and has no Pokemon?

You don't do anything. For more information contact me at

When you buy toys it says they go to your PC but they arent in there where are they on Pokemon platinum?

When it says that it means the PC in your securet base underground.

Is there a battle frontier in Pokemon black?

No, there is no battle frontier my brother (Pokemon master) says so. their is however one in platinum.

What club is the little girl in the oreburgh Pokemon center talking about when she says that you can join her club if you beat her in Pokemon platinum?

That girl just says that, she doesn't mean it. She is a jerk.