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Any Water, Grass or Ice type attackis super effective. Becaus of it's High attack power, a Pokemon with good defence is also a good option. An example of all of the above is Torterra.

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Q: What Pokemon is good against hippowdon?
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What type of Pokemon is Hippowdon?

Hippowdon is a Ground type pokemon.

What is super effective against hippowdon?

Only water, grass, and ice. (Hippowdon is one of the few Pokemon I can think of that are only Ground types.)

Is hippowdon a rare Pokemon?


What is hippowdon weak against?

Hippowdon is a Ground-type Pokémon and is weak against Water, Grass and Ice.

When does Hippopotas evolve?

It evolves into Hippowdon, a strong Pokemon at Level 34.It evolves into Hippowdon, a strong Pokemon at Level 34.

What Pokemon is in Hippowdon Temple guarding the Yellow Gem?

the gaurdian of the hippowdon temple is cresselia.

What is the national pokedex number for Hippowdon?

Hippowdon is #450 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ground type Pokemon.

What Pokemon is strong against slakoth and vigoroth?

The type and Pokemon strong to Vigoroth and Slakoth. Type: Fire, Electric, Ground. Pokemon: Infernape, Raichu, Groudon/Hippowdon. Hope this helped.

How do you get KYORGE in Pokemon Ranger?

in the hippowdon temple

Where is hippowdon in Pokemon platinum?

Route 228

How do you get Espeon on Pokemon Ranger?

in Pokemon ranger 2, she is in hippowdon temple

Here is the hippowdon temple in Pokemon shadows of almia?

The Hippowdon temple is located just north of Haruba Village.