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Haha, oh wow.

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Q: What Pokemon is bills grandpa talking about with red cheeks and a yellow body in soulsilver?
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What are superstitions about cheeks?

- If your cheeks suddenly feel like they are on fire, someone is talking about you

When was Christopher cheeks born?

If you are talking about chris cheeks from 2much(chris King0 he was born on December 11,1991!

What Pokemon has red cheeks and yellow body in Pokemon hesrt gold?


What Pokemon has a yellow body and red cheeks in Pokemon Soul silver?


Pokemon that yellow body red cheeks?

Yellow Body and Red Cheeks before it evolves.....Thats Pichu

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What Pokemon has a yellow body with bright red cheeks in Soul Silver?


What Pokemon has a bright yellow body and red cheeks?

it took me a while to find this out but its a pichu

What is the yellow Pokemon that bills granpa wants in Pokemon soul silver?

if its the third one that is a super popular yellow Pokemon with red cheeks before evolution then its pichu.

What is the name of that one yellow electric pokemon with red cheeks called?

Pikachu. How do u not know that?

If your cheeks feel on fire is someone talking about you?

Yes because there are sensors in your cheeks that release adrenaline when you hear something that troubles you and it is not directed to you. DONT ASK SUCH STUPID QUESTIONS DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THATS REAL

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