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lots like drowzee

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Q: What Pokemon has the move Hypnosis in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where can you find TM hypnosis in Pokemon platinum?

Unfortunately, Hypnosis is not a TM in Pokemon Black or White. You would have to get it by leveling up.

How do you teach hypnosis to Gengar in Pokemon platinum?

Hypnosis is not a TM or a HM. the only way for pokemon to learn it is if it learns it through breeding, move tutor or by leveling up. To know if it dose check with a pokemon site.

How do you get hypnosis on Pokemon platinum?

You can't, there is no such thing as a Hypnosis TM. Your Pokemon must be able to learn it, like gastly, which u can catch frequently at the lost towerWhat sucks about that is that you can't trach Hypnosis to a Pokemon because there is no TM for it. The Pokemon has to learn it by leveling up. There might be some Move Tutors who might be able to teach such a move, but all I know is that you can't teach it to a Pokemon with a TM.

Does umbreon learn a move that puts other Pokemon to sleep in Pokemon platinum?

Yes Umbreon learns hypnosis I don't know when though. Get it to level 60 and go to the move toutor.

How do you get the TM move hypnosis in Pokemon diamond?

There is no hypnosis TM

Where can you find hypnosis in Pokemon platinum?

Its not a TM. Your Pokemon has to learn it. like Gastly :) (Gengar in lvl 100 with hypnosis is pwnage :p)

What Pokemon have the move Hypnosis?

If you have an Abra, the best hypnosis Pokemon is alakazam. So catch an Abra, evole it to a kadabra, the evolve it to an alakazam to have the best hypnosis Pokemon

What puts Pokemon to sleep?

the move hypnosis

How do you move Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to platinum!

Were can you find a pokemon that has hypnosis on firered?

It's not hypnosis, but it lulls Pokemon to sleep. It is, the move Sing. Jigglypuff knows it, and you can get it by ''accident'' by using Metronome.

Platinum is it possible to move your Pokemon from silver and blue to platinum if so how some one who really wants help quick?

It Is Impossible To Move Pokemon, From Pokemon Blue Or Pokemon Silver To Pokemon Platinum Version.

In platinum how do you get the moves mean look and hypnosis?

learn them 2 a Pokemon my haunter knows hypnosis and u cud probably learn mean llook 2 a golbat