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The Pokemon mentioned in your question, is none other than the Pokemon Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff, is a round, pink Pokemon with large blue eyes, and is well known for it's lullaby. Jigglypuff was first introduced in Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow, and Pokemon Green. Also known as the Balloon Pokemon, Jigglypuff weighs 12.1 pounds, has an average height, of 1'08", and has two different evolutions, with it's baby evolution being Igglybuff, and with it's older evolution, being Wigglytuff.

In the anime, Jigglypuff constantly appears, and reappears, during the Indigo League season, and the Johto Journey season. It appears that all Jigglypuff seen are actually one, that tends to follow Ash and his friends, noting them to be quite interesting. When Jigglypuff appears in an episode, it is frequently seen singing it's infamous lullaby. It is also noted, that Jigglypuff is a short tempered Pokemon, often vandalizing the faces of both people and Pokemon, believing that they fall asleep due to boredom.

In the Pokemon anime, when the Pokemon Karaokemon was introduced, a song, called Jigglypuff's song, was dedicated to none other than Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is also seen as one of Green's/Blue's signature Pokemon in the Pokemon Adventure manga, being her first Pokemon, with an unusual method to fly ( by inflating itself).

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Q: What Pokemon has big round eyes and sings a lullaby in a cute voice?
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