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What's with you and pokemon?! Are all of those questions from you?!

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Q: What Pokemon evolve with friendship?
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Does Togepi evolve in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes, togepi does evolve by friendship only

When does Togepi evolve on Pokemon Gold?

When it likes you. This is one of the Pokemon that evolve through friendship.

How do evolve golbat on pokemon white?

You evolve it up with high friendship

How do you evolve a golbat in Pokemon sapphire?


How do you evolve Golbat on Pokemon Platinum?


In Pokemon pearl when does buneary evolve?

it evolves with friendship

What level does riolu evolve in Pokemon?

with high friendship

How do you evolve Pichu in pokemon heartgold?

by friendship in the day

How do you make pokemon evolve in pokemon black?

Pokemon evolve when you level them up to a certain level, by trading them, by friendship, or by using stones.

Does woo bat evolve with friendship in Pokemon black?

Yes, Woobat evolves with friendship.

What level does swoobat evolve in Pokemon white?

Swoobat does not evolve by level, it evolves by friendship.

When does golbat evolve into a Crobat in pokemon pearl?

with high friendship