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if you trade karrablast for shelmet then it will evolve and vice versa

there might be more that I've forgotten about

hope it helps:)

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Q: What Pokemon evolve by trading in black and white?
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What cheats to evolve the trade Pokemon in black and white?

There's no cheats to evolve Pokemon that requires trading.

When do boldore evolve in Pokemon Black and White?

boldore evolves into gigalith by trading

How do you evolve feebas in Pokemon black 2 and white 2?

By trading it with the prism scale

What level on Nintendo does graveller evolve into golem on Pokemon black and white?

It does not evolve with level. Graveller evolves by trading

Is mightyena in Pokemon Black and White?

You can't get mightyena in black without trading. In white you can catch a poochyena and evolve it, but you have to beat the elite four.

What level does audino evolve in Pokemon Black and white?

Audino doesnt evolve in Pokemon black and white

What level does Throh evolve in Pokemon Black and white?

Throh don't evolve in Pokemon Black and White.

What level does boldure evolve at in Pokemon Black and White?

The only way other than cheats/hacking is trading it.

Does Cryogonal evolve black and white?

No, Cryogonal does not evolve in pokemon black and white

What Pokémon can you evolve with trading in Pokémon white?

Some pokemon evolve right when you get them

How do you involve gurdurr in Pokemon white?

you evolve gurdurr by trading

Does victini evolve?

no it does not evolve on Pokemon black or white