What Pokemon dose ash have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What Pokemon dose ash have?
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Pokemon dose may like ash?


On Pokemon if ash gets married will he quit being a Pokemon traner?

if he dose he would all ready be a Pokemon master

Dose Ash gose to every region on Pokemon ashgray version?

dont be stuped

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl dose Dawn like Ash?

YES!they are only friend but i know that they will be couplesNo, Dawn may like Ash, but Ash likes Misty!

How many Pokemon does Ash have?

Ash currently has 29 Pokemon. Ash has had

Dose ash kiss dawn in Pokemon?

no absolutely not but he has never had any intrest in his friends brock likes girl allot though

How does Ash eat his Pokemon?

Ash does not eat his Pokemon.

Is ash real from Pokemon?

if a baby is called ash and acts like ash in Pokemon then that's ash

Is Ash in love?

Ash in Pokemon??

What is the name of ash Pokemon?

Ash Ketchem is his name in the Pokemon seires

Is ash anywhere on Pokemon emerald?

No, Sorry Ash is not in Pokemon emerald

What are ash's Pokemon in advanced?

Ash's Pokemon in advanced are pikachu,tailow and treeko