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I don't know they start 40 to50 to 60.

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Q: What Pokemon does each trainer in the Pokemon league have?
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If there is a trainer that has gligar where is that trainer in Pokemon diamond?

The first trainer on the way to the Pokemon league has a luminion.

Where is a trainer with hippotas on Pokemon platuim?

the land trainer in the elite four Pokemon league castle

What trainer has tentacruel in Pokemon Platinum?

A trainer on route 223 outside of sunyshore city on your way to the Pokemon league.

What is the 111 Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

Garchomp go in the Pokemon league the last trainer of it.

What trainer has a Milotic in Pokemon Diamond?

Cynthia the Pokemon league champion has one

What trainer has a spirittomb in Pokemon diamond?

The league champion Cynthia

What trainer has a Milotic in Pokemon Platinum?

league champion Cynthia

What is the action replay cheat code to catch Pokemon league Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Catch trainer Pokemon

What trainer has miotic on pearl?

The last person (Cynthia) in the Pokemon league

How do you defeat trainer N at the Pokemon league?

train good pokemon that's all you can really do

Where is the ultimate trainer in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The strongest trainer in the game besides the one's in trainer tower is your rival is the current champion of the Pokemon league if you defeat the elite four you have the opportunity to defeat him.

Where is Steve in Pokemon sapphire?

he lives in mossdeep in Pokemon Sapphire and he is the Pokemon league champion he is a steel type trainer.